Press Release: Exchange Ave: A modern-day barter and trade system

Press Release: Exchange Ave: A modern-day barter and trade system

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Exchange Ave: A modern-day barter and trade system

Honolulu, Hi

Who we are: Exchange Ave is a closed-loop app inspired by the Ahupua‘a system, an ancient Hawaiian land division that connects people from mountain to ocean to share goods, services, food, or knowledge.

The App: Exchange Ave is built on barter & trade mechanics that allow members to exchange items in a closed-loop, peer-to-peer social network. You define the value, we organize and link people to items. By joining, you gain access to core functions that bring the exchange experience to life.

The software: Exchange Engine features include everything on the Exchange Ave. app, as well as customized views that are catered to your specific community, while still giving you access to the same powerful tools and frameworks included in the app.

About Exchange Ave: Making an exchange between two people is the ultimate goal of our app and platform. Resources are shared and circulated within your neighborhood, thus strengthening access to connectivity and shared abundance within an area. Our goal is to bring this technology to Indigenous communities around the world, becoming a catalyst for economic development and growth for the people who need it the most.

Founded by the Nation of Hawai’i’s Minister of Commerce, John Kealoha Garcia, Exchange Ave has expanded through the Hawaiian islands and the nation with the intent to grow globally. Learn more at or follow @exchangeave on Instagram.


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