How To: Exchange Ave. 101

Core functions of the EA mobile app

How to use Exchange Ave.

Have you downloaded our app yet? Exchange Ave. is an Ahupua’a inspired barter and trade marketplace. Signing up gives you access to the tools and resources created specifically for our members. Our app has three core functions that bring the exchange experience to life — browse this guide for a step by step wizard on how to use the exchange economy.

1. Profile

The first step is to become a member — joining gives you access to exclusive tools and profile features that empower you to participate in the economy.


2. Items

Now that you’ve completed your profile and know your way around the dashboard, we’ll add items and build our inventory.

Load up as many items as possible, go back and edit, add and delete items at any time. Through items, we’re able to make exchanges and utilize item attributes tied to exchange, such as availability and access.


3. Exchange

Facilitating an exchange is a core function of the EA engine, and the ultimate use-goal of our app and platform. Resources are shared and circulated within hyperlocal proximity of the provider; thus strengthening access to connectivity and shared abundance within a neighborhood.

Our goal is to bring the EA technology to Indigenous communities around the world, becoming a catalyst for economic development and advancement for people’s who need it the most.

Browse our how to guide any time, to dive a little deeper into our social exchange platform. Then, sign up at Mahalo!



That’s it! You’re ready to join the Exchange Economy.

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