Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t find your app on the Google Play or App Store — How can I download your app!?

A: Exchange Ave. was built on no-code technology that delivers a mobile user experience from your iPhone or Android’s mobile web browser. A shortcut on your Home Screen gives you quick access to the app, just like traditional apps you’re used to.


Q: Is there a cost or fee to become an Exchange Ave. Member?

A: No. Exchange Ave. is currently free as we build-out and scale our technology, making it perfect for our exchange community. We have plans to implement premium features that allow us to build revenue, while allowing a fremium version of the app.


Q: What kind of information is displayed on my Exchange Ave. Profile?

A: Community is everything, and the more we learn about the unique offering our members bring to the economy, the stronger our community becomes. We encourage completing your bio to include your skills or expertise, interests or hobbies. If there’s anything you’re seeking or in search of, items or services you’re looking to trade, or connect with neighbors you never knew you had.


Q: What if I don’t have anything to offer? Can I still join Exchange Ave?

A: Yes! Exchange goes both ways — we’re working on refining our platform to embrace both sides of the trade, allowing the exchange of skills or talent, time banking and more. Even if you don’t have any active items, you’ll still be in our community directory, and friends can browse past trades and connect for future trades. If you have ideas on how we can refine these mechanics, we’d love to hear from you! app@exchangeave.com.


Q: How does the exchanging work? Is there a button I have to press to initiate a trade?

A: Our app brings together communities through peer to peer exchange. Once you find an item you want to exchange for, simply visit the item owner’s profile, and view their contact information. Reach out as you would traditionally, via email, or send a text. For privacy purposes, we do not require a phone number on your profile. Email will be displayed by default. We’re developing an in-app communication and exchange system in V2 of the app.


Q: Can I upload multiple items to my inventory? How many can I add?

A: Yes! We encourage you to build out your inventory with as many items as you’d like. Community members have the opportunity to browse through your inventory, and make an exchange request by browsing. You can turn items on and off for market display, and we’re working on advanced item attributes that allow for collections, storefronts, and harvests.


Q: How can I get my own Exchange Ave. App for my community, tribe or organization?

A: Our Exchange Engine technology brings turnkey economic social network to your community, with all the core functions of the Exchange Ave. App, fully customized with your community or tribe logo, branding, and story. If this sounds like the right solution for you, we’d love to talk. Email us at john@exchangeave.com and we’ll be happy to assist.