Exchange Engine

Digital economy for Indigenous communities

Turnkey Economic Sovereignty

Exchange Engine is your solution to bringing decentralized exchange to your community, tribe, village, or organization.

We’re seeking Indigenous communities to partner with who are interested in hosting their own hyperlocal barter and trade economy.

Gain access to the same powerful tools and frameworks included in the Exchange Ave. app, but with customized views that are catered to your specific community. Exchange Engine features include everything the Exchange Ave. app has to offer with the ability to customize color, directory, your community’s story, and more!

Complete the form below to meet our team, learn more, and start building your community’s Exchange Economy.

Exchange Engine Features

  • Turnkey Economy

    Exchange Engine gives you access to a turnkey economy, complete with exchange and inventory functions that allow your community to begin exchanging immediately.

  • Built-In Social Network

    In addition to the exchange functions found in the Exchange Ave. global app, Exchange Engine offers social networking functions including the EA Profile Builder, friends, and a customized dashboard view for managing your inventory.

  • Shared Abundance

    A connected community is a healthy community. Exchange Engine empowers you to tap into the hidden and sometimes forgotten community economies that sustained our ancestors for generations.

Exchange Engine Interest Form

We’re excited to meet and connect with Indigenous-focused communities, organizations, investors and advocates to share our Exchange Engine technology, empowering communities anywhere in the world, the power to launch their own decentralized barter and trade economy.

This gives us an idea of where you're located geographically.
Small, medium or large, Exchange Ave. works with all community types.
While we're keen on Indigenous communities, we're open to all interested in exchange.
Your background with tech, apps, or the overall understanding of your community's digital literacy.
Occasionally we report on new features or news that pertains to your EA experience. We'd love to have you! (your privacy is our priority)