Empathy Accelerator at COP26: Community Voices – Session 1

Empathy Accelerator at COP26: Community Voices – Session 1

From Empathy Accelerator:

Our collective vision is to convene the most paradigm-shifting speakers and wisdom keepers to offer new perspectives on a regenerative future for world leaders and the attendees of the COP26.

Collaborators & Organizers:

The Black & Indigenous Liberation Movement, YOUNGA, If not Is then Who, Innovation 4.4, Voices of Wisdom from around the World, The Waterbear Network, North American Indian Center of Boston: NAICOB, and The Empathy Accelerator

John Kealoha Garcia – Hawai’i

John Kealoha Garcia is an Native Hawaiian entrepreneur and award-winning creative director based in Honolulu, Hawaii In addition to serving as Minister of Commerce for The Nation of Hawaii, John’s latest Latest venture, Exchange Ave — is an Ahupua’a inspired barter and trade marketplace with the mission to restore our Indigenous economies through peer-to-peer social exchange. Since launching in June 2020, the Exchange Ave digital economy has gained over 1050 members, with exchange economies launching in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tribal Territories in Northern California and parts of Canada and South America.

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